Products: Air

產品: 空氣



1 professional air treatment


2 O2 Generation System

製氧系統 (中央式)


3 Thermal (Hospital)

高溫殺菌式 (醫療級)

4 PCO - TiO2 (Small)

光催化式 (家用及商用)  

5 PCO - TiO2 (Hospital)

光催化式 (醫療級)

6 HEPA (Small)

高密度式 (家用及商用)  

7 Ultraviolet UV (Small)

紫外光式 (家用及商用)

8 Ultraviolet UV (Large)

紫外光式 (商用及工業)

9 Electrostatic

靜電式 (商用及工業)  

10 Multi-function (Small)

多功能 (家用及商用)

11 Multi-function (Large)

多功能 (商用及工業)

12 Toxic Gas Removal


13 Odor Removal


14 Odor Neutralise




Cold Type





抗菌 / 防霉塗層


Organic Type


Inorganic Type


PCO Type



Products: Water

產品: 水處理

Electrostatic Type


Products: Service

產品: 服務

IAQ Measurement


Water Measurement



Products: Others

產品: 其它

Automatic Dispenser

自動洗手 / 消毒機

Sticky Mat - Sanitizing

粘貼消毒地毡 - 即棄形


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1/. innoclean: Fresh Air Treatment Unit

2/. Lifa air: 3G Filtration Solution  


Same building BUT different indoor air quality
innoclean OceanClean Series
Model: Fresh600 / Odor600 / Fresh300 / Fresh300 Plus / Odor300 / Odor300 Plus
innoclean Fresh Air Treatment Unit - Catalogue

Deal with stuffy and air does not circulate inside a room “Eliminate Dead Air Zone”

Many colleagues complain it's airless here or office is very stuffy. They always feel tired and quite difficulty breathing. After lunch, food smell filled indoors. Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect productivity, employees’ health and longevity. Ventilation (/ air circulation) and insufficient fresh air are critical issues. Poor air circulation and insufficient fresh air may cause the high level of CO2 and accumulated air pollutants in office. However, some commercial buildings are not allowed to open the window such as glass curtain wall. Natural ventilation is impossible. Installing innolcean OceanClean fresh air treatment unit (FATU) is effective to introduce fresh air, improve indoor air circulation and avoid the accumulation of pollutants indoors.

‘Why turn on our existed fresh air treatment unit (FATU), unpleasant smell will pouring into the room?’

In fact, many fresh air supply fans or PAU are not including air purification process. Without air purifying capacity, it causes outdoor air pollutants to enter indoors through the fan and air ducts, etc. Different from the market, innolcean OceanClean fresh air treatment unit (FATU) is equipped complete air purification process to remove fine dust particle, bacteria, pollen, odor and bad smell, etc. These process avoids outdoor air pollutants to enter indoors.

Features of OceanClean Fresh Air Treatment Unit (FATU)
• Introducing fresh air
• Improve indoor air re-circulation
• Avoid the accumulation of pollutants indoors such as CO2 and Radon etc
• Increase indoor oxygen content & reduce CO2
• High Purification Efficiency
• Internal continuously air purification
• Increase the positive pressure in room to prevent air pollutant entry room from outside
• Purifying air from outdoor to indoor
• Testing report and excellent feedback
• Lower the operating cost
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Easy to connect with air duct to create positive or negative pressure

Fresh300 / Fresh300 Plus
/ Odor300 / Odor300 Plus
Fresh600 / Odor600  
innoclean 600 innoclean 600  
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innoclean Fresh Air Treatment Unit - Catalogue
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Originated in 1988, won by a group specializing in the research team, so Lifa Air filtration technology in innovative improvements. The development, testing to be made, the experts Lifa Air has the technology to do the best intentions, a view to achieving the best results in the use. Lifa Air has an independent research center in Finland Perpignan, of which one of the most respected of the patented technology market, is "efficient filter, low drag" the main selling point of Lifa 3G filter system.


源於1988年,全憑一班專業之科研團隊,使Lifa Air在過濾技術上不斷創新改良。由開發、測試到製成,Lifa Air的專家們也用心把技術做到最好,務求在使用上達至最佳效益。Lifa Air在芬籣擁有獨立的科研中心,而其中的一項最為市場推崇之專利技術,便是以“高效過濾,極低風阻”為主賣點之 Lifa 3G 過濾系統。


Secure solutions for better Indoor Air Quality
Lifa 3G HEPAeSORB Filters guarantee 100% microbe-killing efficiency against diseases such as H1N1, SARS, Legionella, Tuberculosis etc. It also has HEPA filter efficiency against particulates and moreover 95% efficiency against most low vapor gases. All this with less than 70Pa pressure drop.  
IMPURITY FILTRATION MECHANISMS Particle sizes (micrometres)



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innoclean Fresh Air Treatment Unit
LIFA 3G Filter

The LIFA Concept


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